About Us

Our parent company, Champions Group was established in March 2002.

The Multi national group deals in wide range of businesses ranging from Global Growth & Marketing solutions, across major continents like North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Apart from this the organization has forrays in to Commercial & Residential Realestate, eGovernance solutions, Infrastructure Projects division, Global Yacht clubs , Medical & Health product divisions etc.

We have a employee strength of 5000+ and have operating centers in India, at Bangalore, Karnataka (over 250,000 sq feet). Our infrastructure set up consists of multiple interconnected Telecom Centers in the U.S. and in the U.K., Japan, Dubai, Singapore, linked to the 4 centers in India through terrestrial fiber and satellite links. Now adding Champions Ranch as a location to work from with high speed network and IP phones.


As a part of our corporate services, we wish to step into unconventional ways of accelerated learning in areas of team building, leadership, and relationship management. We want to recreate positivism inventively with the help of Club Ranch’s horse assisted Learning programs. We aim to provide fun and mindful methods of building leadership and self-awareness skills through horse-human interactions.

Our trained and experienced coaches in this field swear by these unconventional ways of dealing with the human mind and making it better. As an organization, you and your team should effectively practice these team building, interpersonal communication, and conflict resolution strategies that come naturally to you. While you may have a million to-do-tasks on your plate, such team building activities are crucial in today’s marketplace. While interacting with horses, individuals learn patterns that help them to develop trustworthy relationships in business settings.


The beautiful and undefiled surroundings of this obscure and extremely picturesque village located at the borders of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka is a breathtaking and attractive destination to calm your senses. And the best part is, it’s filled with an extremely well-trained set of horses, much more capable in contributing to your lives beyond your imagination. Horses are the most magnificent animals ever, so intelligent and capable. They sense and act with unsaid words. They pass their intelligence in surprising ways to humans and make them realize their abundant potential to deliver their most excellent work, behavior, emotional intelligence, and more.

Our corporate coaching program is an exceptional center for organizations looking forward to honing team skills like leadership, relationship development, behavioral changes, emotional intelligence, leadership skills, self-awareness, anger management, and an ability to overcome barriers at work.

Horses are gifted creatures that have this ability to identify the limiting behavior patterns that prohibit them from developing trusting relationships in business. Since successful team building is about interpersonal communication and conflict resolution, we precisely focus on them. We build leadership and self-awareness skills through horse-human interactions.


Our team is an assembly of imaginative and energetic bunch of people